The Dusseldorf Vampire


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Jun 3, 2003
Peter Kurten
a.k.a. "The Dusseldorf Vampire" or "Monster of Dusseldorf"
20+ estimated victims
R.I.P. 7.02.31 by guillotine


Peter Kurten, aka the Dusseldorf Vampire, born May 26th, 1883, was trully a fucked up man. Perhaps the most sporadic of the serial killers, his motives seemed to be fueled completely by animal lust. His murderous career supposedly started at age 5 when he drowned two childhood friends, and had not stopped until his final arrest and eventual execution. He took up robbing people for several years until he was incarcerated and released in 1921. He then got married and his psycopathic tendecies receeded only to come to a bloody epoch in 1929, when he went absolutely nuts. His bloodlust was trully that, his sexual satiation was only fulfilled by blood, as his sexual assualts were only treat, a metaphoric icing on the cake. He also liked jerking off animals... perv.


If this isn't the quintessential case of daddy not paying attention to him. Had they only had black lipstick, fishnet stockings, and Type O negative, there would have been a lot less bloodshed. See Peter is you classic goth kid idiot, too bad he would have looked nice in a black lace skirt.

1913-Christine Klien (8) - Molested and slit throat
1929 - Rudolf Scheer (45) - After getting fucked up at a local bar, Peter felt a bit spry and decided to stab the fuck out of his oldest victim.
1929 - Rosa Ohliger (8) - Stabbed her 13 times and later came back to dispose ie. burn the body.
1929-Luise Lenzen (13) & Gertrud Hamacher (5)- strangled, stabbed, and slit. Assumed molested as well 1929-Gertrud Schultze (?)- Fortunately, survived a multitude of stabbings and assaults on the same day of previous killings. Helped in the description Monsieur Kurten.
1929- Maria Hahn (20) - stabbed to death and buried, later discovered on the banks of the Rhine river.
1929- Ida Reuter(31) - beat to death with a hammer after being raped.
(quite the busy fuck this year huh?)
1929-Elizabeth Dorrier (?) - Also beat to death with a hammer after being anally assaulted.
1929 - Gertrud Alberman (5) - Third time was a charm on this girl, when he finally stabbed her 36 times with a pair of shears. Supposedly pretty damn messy.
( Notice the whole Gertrud motif)
1930 - Maria Budlies - Raped but actually realeased her after the attack, probably due to watching the Jesus Christ Chainsaw Massacre.
There were also 9 other supposed attacks, all of which were unkown victims. Several were assumed to have escaped though.


I have no remorse. As to whether recollection of my deeds makes me feel ashamed, I will tell you. Thinking back to all the details is not at all unpleasant. I rather enjoy it.