The Cops Are After Me...


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Jun 18, 2003
...mainly because I got a massive doughnut on my dick from an intense Penis Enlargement session last night. Is this bad? I've never experienced this before. Would it be safe to Penis Enlargement again once it subsides? Are doughnuts harmful in any way? It's from a buildup of fluid, correct?

After sleeping it off, so to speak it has subsided, but it's still a tad "baggy" around the head. Not so bad, but when will it be cool to Penis Enlargement again? I don't wanna take a day off. I was making such good progress. Damn!

What do you think causes them? Perhaps not enough lubrication and too much "skin drag"?


From how it sounds, yes it is just a fluid build up . Should subside within a few days at the longest. I remember when I first began jelquing a few years ago....damn it's been that long.....I would get the infamous donut effect . It stopped happening after a month or two from what I recall.
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