The Baseball Bat Look

Jun 4, 2003
Can anyone help me on this, my Penis is fine from the shaft to the middle, and it goes up fine of the left side to the head but on the right side it is like someone took a chunk out, its much thinner than the rest of the penis. I have been doing 200 mid to head wet jelqs , I hold at the base and it seems to be fine then but goes away when I take my hand of the base. I also do 100 mid to head dry jelqs , I have been doing this for 4 weeks but I have seen no improvement, this really bothers me as you can really see it.

Any ideas on how to get it the same thickness with the rest of the penis.


Jun 3, 2003
Theres different girth moves to hit different parts of your penis. I wasn't able to visualize the shape of your penis from your description. Is it thicker at the base or at the top?

You can do jelqs and ulis to really hit the upper part of your dick, squeezes to focus on the middle, and hanging and stretching has actually been shown to work on base girth by strengthening the ligs.
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