The Archeological Enigma



Jun 3, 2003
The extremely ancient ruins in the Zone of Silence pose another disquieting
enigma of their own. Archaeologists have been unable to determine their age, but they undoubtedly form an astronomical observatory thousands of years old. There is no connection between this Mexican Stonehenge and the primitive tribes that clustered around the watering hole which constitutes an oasis in the arid region. At some point in antiquity, someone was quite active in the Zone.

Perhaps they were interested, as are modern astronomers and geologists, in the large number of small meteorites that are attracted to the Zone's magnetic properties.

A meteorite that crashed in Chihuahua in the late 1950s contained
crystalline structures that far outdated the Solar System itself. Researcher Luis Maeda Villalobos concluded that the meteorite contains "material as old as the Universe": Our solar system is some 6 billion years old, while the meteorite's age has been estimated at 13 billion years.

Whether we are dealing with UFOs, dimensional visitors who find the
magnetic aberrations facilitate their journeys, or merely a poorly understood part of our world with unsuspected properties, no easy answers apply to the riddle posed by the Zone of Silence. The builders of the mysterious ruined observatory would have probably agreed.
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