Thanks again MOS

I came to the point where I'm satisfied at where I am now. I'm going to stop Penis Enlargement and enjoy myself for a while. I will continue to just do some maintenence routines but nothing too hardcore. I'm still gonna be at this site and I don't think I'll ever leave. I'll probably start up again in a few months but for now I think I'll let the ladies give me some supra slammers haha. Thanks everyone for your tips and support. You're all my brothers forever.
doublelongdaddy said:
How did I miss this thread? Have you completely stopped?
I'm just doin maintenance because when I Penis Enlargement, my erections arent as strong and I've been kinda active lately. I'll probably start up agian in the fall/winter.
Well Bigd, I'm glad you reached your goal! And you go and enjoy that new rod! We'll be here this fall. Have a great Summer!

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