Texas judges just love kooky punishments


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Jun 3, 2003
Texas judges just love kooky punisHydromaxents
Houston Chronicle |
"A Harris County woman convicted this week of neglecting her horses was to be given only bread and water for part of her jail sentence, while a man convicted of illegally dumping hazardous waste was to drink a concoction of the toxic sludge. Sex offenders in Corpus Christi were ordered three years ago to put up signs in their yards and bumper stickers on their cars indicating their crimes. And a Michigan teenage rap fan was ordered in 2000 to listen to Wayne Newton for violating a loud-radio ordinance... In Texas, all state and county judges are elected, said Adolfo Santos, who teaches at the University of Houston-Downtown. 'Hardly anyone knows who is running for judgeships, but these guys are running real campaigns and they need whatever publicity they can get,' Santos said. 'Something like this gets some notoriety for the judge, and that kind of helps when the election comes around for that particular judge.'"