Testosterone and PE

I here alot of talk about about how testosterone can enhance Penis Enlargement or something, but does anyone know if thats true? I mean what effects ur penis to grow during puberty? Because if testosterone really made ur penis bigger people would be taking shots of it like crazy after puberty. .but i think it just messes you up instead.

The reason I ask is because I am on propecia becasue I took some drug called acutane (which is basically a high concentration of Vitamin A) Its like the super drug against acne and it did a great job but it had some side effects which is i lost some hair around my temples. I later read high concentraions of Vitamin A cause hair loss. So one thing I am weighing is either get off propecia and possibly loose hair but get better gains for Penis Enlargement or continue and make less gains for Penis Enlargement. If you have any kinda expertise in the subject I would be very intested to read it. Thanks


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I cant read it :(. Could someone explain? Does this mean TEst is highest 7 days after ejaculating and then drops off? Does this mean to ejaculate about once every 8 days for max testosterone?