testicles in the way?


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Hello all ... i have noticed that my balls interfear with the look of my size a geat deal its like they puff out at the bottom ... ( I HAVE BIG BALLS) i was wondering if anyone knows any exercies to make my balls get pushed more towards my body and not interfear with my size



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Why would you want to reduce the size of anything in your genital region?

Your best bet is to Penis Enlargement till your dick "catches up"...fuck trying to get smaller in ANY department!


I agree! I say just let your penis catch up. I wish my sack hung lower than it does but, currently my penis hangs lower than my sack ...sigh.


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The ongoing Joke JAZ has on me is that I have a 24" ball cock:D I can measure both my scrotum at 12" each stretched. NO JOKING:) I love my huge balls but I understand how you feel if my penis did not hang the same. My advice is to lay off any testicle stretches and/or massage and focus just on penis exercises. Before long this difference will diminish.

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