testicle pain OWWW!


So I woke up this morning and had a pain in my left testicle, not so much my testicle, but I guess the veins under the testicle in the sac of skin. I think that's where the pain is from. Anyways, it is a sharp shooting pain, and it occurs every once in a while. I wear the ROP all day and night, so I'm thinking the ROP may have wrapped around my balls too tight, or I slept on them and squashed them. Has anyone experience this with the ROP? Do you think this could be a serious problem?
well i had pain on my left testie months before so thats why i decided to get the rop of power. as soon as i put the rop of power the pain started to feel better...within a few days it was totally gone...ive been decdicated to my rop ever since...the pain was so bad..i think i had testie cancer or sumthing...i jus no i that i feel so much healthier with it on cuz of the zinc. as a matter of fact last week i had blu balls...and i didnt have my rop on...as soon i as i put it on..i felt so much better..the pain wasnt spreading so much to my stomach any more..the next day no pain....so in other words...wear your rop till forever!


Both of you guys may want to go to a doctor. The ROP doesn't cure testicular cancer. Chances are if it's anything it may be a varicocele (kinda like a varicose vein in your nut). But it's still good to get it checked by a doc.
Zinc Heals...i May Or May Not Have Had Cancer..but The Pain Is Gone..and I Have More Cum Than Ever Before...ya Youre Right I Do Need To Go To The Doc...but I Have No Insurance Right Now..pity..
Go to a Doc for crying out loud, find a way. This is your cock and you will only ever have one. I'm pretty sure you'd miss it too if you lost it.


I used to have similar probs when I would sleep with my ROP on with the rods on the sides...because I sleep mostly on my sides, and my legs would press on the rods , and squeeze the scrotum/tubes in there. Simple solution, assuming you wear your ROP around the whole package, turn the rods to the top and bottom when you sleep. ;)
na my i wear it around my testicles top&bottom...around the whole package sucks...my testicles feel fine though....theyve never felt healthier...but ya one of these days ima go to the docs jus to make sure.


what is ROD?? what are u guys talking bout? balll stretchers? lol

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