Teacher Suspended for Making RAP video with class


Jun 3, 2003
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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- David Ross, 26, began as a substitute teacher in the 2001-2002 academic year. He was hired on as a language arts instructor in 2002, and most recently was assigned to the Northwestern Middle School as a television instructor.

Now, David Ross is suspended with pay by the Duval County School board. He's been pulled from his classroom and reassigned to a desk job at one of the school district's warehouses.

Ross is under investigation for allegedly recording a lengthy videotape of his students in their classroom, each taking turns rapping to the camera, and uttering profane language.

Anthony Cambridge, a parent of one of the students, showed the tape to several school board officials after his son brought the controversial tape home.

Cambridge told First Coast News that the teacher, David Ross, joins in with the students on the tape.

Cambridge says Ross can be heard cussing and making graphic sexual comments as other students stand guard at the classroom door.

Cambridge says the tape was especially upsetting because he wants his son to get a proper education in order to get a good job and live a productive life.

"I'm sending him to school thinking that they're teaching him how to maintain out here. You know? How to get a job. How to live and do whatever you do. That tape right there... all it tells is a thug mentality," says Cambridge.

John Williams, the Duval County School Board's Director of Professional Standards watched only a few snippets of the tape that lasts well over an hour. Williams likens the teacher's actions to a betrayal of the teaching profession, saying the vast majority of Duval County School teachers go to great lengths to uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

"Our teachers are," Williams paused, "I'll match them against anybody in the nation. It is, however, even more painful when we do come upon that teacher who has just completely stepped outside the bounds of acceptable behavior on the part of the teacher, and really betrayed his profession."

The School Board says its investigation is being hampered because the master copy of the videotape is now with a law firm.

The firm is deciding whether to represent the Cambridge family in legal action against the school system.

Apr 18, 2004
Teachers shouldn't be doing that kind of crap with their students! I am a father and I would be furious if I discovered something like that going on. It all seems cool til you grow up and have kids of your own. I want my boys to be smart, to be able to read and write and think-- not rap. Last time I checked, there wasn't a rap section on the SATs, and I never had to rap during a job interview. Sue the school district? That teacher should be sued by parents, for wasting their tax money.


Nov 7, 2003
Sorry to say it but that is my hometown. Me and my wife were just talking about last night when we saw it on the news. The public school system here is terrible.
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