Targeted Exercise Question?


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I have always admired those "triangle" shaped penises. Where the corpus cavernosum is very pronounced. Mine is already somewhat pronounced but I would really like to enlarge it. I realize this has little or nothing to do with hardness, for me it's mostly "cosmetic" although I'm sure it would add a touch to girth.

I noticed when I do Benders, the CC swells some. So, in experimentation, I have begun the following:

1) With my shaft bent about half way backward (glans to belly)

2) I Kegal hard a few times then hold one

3) Using the index finger and thumb of my left hand I pinch low at the base to trap the blood

4) Using the right index finger and thumb I pinch just below the glans

5) This causes my CC to swell considerably with the trapped blood

6) I use the right middle finger to massage back and forth along the entire length of the CC moving the blood back and forth ( can do this without losing pressure under the glans

So, do you think this will be effective?

Is there a better exercise that targets the CC?

Should I quit worrying abour it and let it come "naturally?"

Appreciate any input.