SWM and Supra are poster Boys!!


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Dec 5, 2003
"SWM and Supra are poster Boys!!"
STW I got to hand it to ya, last time I called ya, I heard ya splitting Pills in tha back ground, and after seeing that bowl of Viagra, YUM YUM!!!

You are the "Poster Child for Viagra"

And Since my latest Obsession with needles and shooting Cialis and IGF

I am the "Poster Boy for Cialis"

My fucking room is a fucking Penis Enlargement heaven man, I got Cialis bottles, Steriods, you name it, and Needles and Penis Enlargement shit all around this fucking place man, I cant even look anywere without being reminded of Penis Enlargement, not to mention my dick on the side of my leg always hard now!!! BLAHAHHAHA

We are the Penis Enlargement Gerber Babies man!!

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