Swelling and hanging?


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Jul 7, 2003
After doing a few sets at 5lbs, i moved upto 7.5lbs because a felt no pull. Now heres my problem, i have to tighten my BIB pretty much as far as i can so it wont slip. However ever after i have squeezed most the blood out of my head i still eventually get allot of pressure with in the head were blood had built up and caused my head to expand. After around 10mins it feel slightly uncomfortable and when i take my hanger off my penis is quite discolored and swells up slightly. Is this bad or what? This is my first time hanging after about 3months however i can still manage the weight. Also i don't really feel any pull, like i would when stretching , any advice?

p.s i hang straight down whilst standing up


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Dec 5, 2003
Before you tighten it down completely, squeeze the head and get all the blood out, comtinue to do this until you have completely tightened down you hanger .