Sweat glands.. help?

Hey guys,

not sure if anyone could help me or have any knowledge of this.. but few years back.. maybe 3 years ago.. i have started noticing small bumps on my penis and on my balls.. its like its pimples all over the penis and balls area.. spread almost evenly away from each one.. all over the penis and ball area.. and i also noticed that hairs grow from them. another thing that worries me is that i have them along the shaft.. but fortunately.. theres no hair really high up the shaft.. but hopefully it dont happen.. anyway.. it makes my penis really unattractive to look at... it dont hurt.. it just bother me sometimes..

i searched about it in the net.. and i have concluded that it was sweat glands.. thats all around the penis.. this is because at that time i started getting it.. i wasnt sexually active yet..so i kno its not stds or herpes or something..

anyways.. anyone know what i should do? any help would be apreciated... thanx..


More then likely you are right. I went through the same thing when I was like 15. (You're 18 right?)

It's where hair follicles will grow. When they come out pluck the little guys. It hurts like hell, but hey that's life. :D



I have some of them (just a few). My GF likes it since it gives more texture and she says she can feel it. The uglier penis the better


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I used to think they were some sort of disease when I was younger.

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