Supra's two metal ball weights



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Finally moving up in the world!!
Wouldn't that be moving further down in the world? Isn't that your objective here? :p



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How much were those and where did you buy them from?


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If I may ask, why do you want lower hanging balls?
Becasue it feels great, looks great, makes you look better and its just bad ass!


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Where all the ball stretching weirdos go ;)

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Many thanks for that link...very cool site.

I have a question though, when you're looking to purchase ball weights, and your trying to figure out what size to get, do you measure around the top of your nut sack and than order the size that is as close as possible?

I guess that makes sense, but I wanted to make sure that the measurments given for those ball weights are the interior measurement and not the outside of the weight (ok..I guess that would be stupid...)
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Many thanks for that link...very cool site.
I thought I'd seen it all, but man, the things we do to our cock and balls.

Interesting stuff in that gallery.

I've had some experience with parachute weight hanging , and Supra, you're right that it's an incredible feeling to swing that weight around.

Now I'm a little older and more concerned with working to tighten up the sac. I like to be able to retract at will, and kegeling, believe it or not, seems to have helped a great deal.

Go for it Supra!
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Funny, I'm on the other side of the fence and I find that my sack is sometimes painfully tight (especially right now...I live in the frigid northeast)

I'm looking forward to starting some of the sack exercises to help lengthen and perhaps even the weights.


man what's wrong supra? stopped FR and ADS?man at one point you had so much stuff there it had to take you 10 mins or more just to take a leak.

Where do you get the electric ones that you had said help increase the size of balls?
If you have a link or info I can do a search on let me know.. I was wondering how long it took to see results, and how long per day you had to wear 'em?


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