Suggestion for the Captn's Wench


Last week I assembled the Captn's Wench, the whole thing took about an hour and a half, including the time it took to go to Walmart and find all the stuff. Only thing is they didn't have the hard rubber that the Captn recommended for the clamps that hold the sides of the penis.

So I came up with an alternative that works really great. I bought a pair of Dr Scholls massaging insoles and canibalized them. The gel in the heel of those insoles is really soft and holds great against a good wrapping material (I use a sports wrap ) I cut off a peice two inches by about one inch, stuck some velco to the terry cloth side and added it to the Wench. The insoles cost about 6 bucks (USD)

works great...Thanks Captn for a great hanger .


I'm sure the Captain will jump in sooner or later, but I thought that the "grippers" were meant to be fairly rigid to better grip the side and prevent any pressure on the dorsal nerve.


Well, I didn't design the thing, I've just been experimenting with other materials since the ones he recommended weren't available.

I just happened to notice that with the gel there was less pressure on the glans and more pressure on the shaft when I was hanging so I thought I'd share...

The first few sessions my head was purple after only ten minutes of hanging with 4lbs. Now I'm hanging 5lbs for 15min (Three sets per night) and get some discoloration but not too bad.

My goal is to work up to 20lbs and 20 minute sets. The gel seems to work, but I'm uncertain how it would perform with heavier weights. Have to wait and see.
I wouldn't change from the rubber pads he directed you use. I made that mistake, and experienced several weeks of numbness. Those insoles are not going to be rigid enough to put sufficient pressure on the sides of your penis, and some of the weight may transfer to the dorsal nerve. It is a very scary experience. I didn't even get a purple head, but still messed up the nerve since I used flimsy material on the sides.


I've been using the gell for two weeks now and have had no problems at all with numbness. I do get some discoloration in the glans but thats normal when your hanging 5 pounds for 15 minutes (three sets)

And it is also pretty comfortable, the gell from the heel section is pretty thick, you gotta remember that these insoles are designed to bear the weight of an adult. (approx 200+ pounds) So as long as your using the heel pad (where the insole is thickest and bears the most weight) there shouldn't be any problem. Also I use a sports wrap to protect the skin on the shaft and usually lightly wrap the glans. I've noticed that I get less discoloration if the head is lightly wrapped.

But try it, don't try's up to you. Either way, hanging shouldn't be taken lightly (no pun intended) but this IS a FORUM. The whole idea of which is to stimulate discussion and propagate new ideas. So you just have to weigh the info and decide whats right for you.

BTW philadelf that avatar is just cracking me up :D


Glue the gel insole to a piece of a paint stick and put the velcro on the other side and you got yourself something equal or surpassing the rigidity and grip of the grippers.
Inamo is right.
It was PirateSteve who started using gel insoles glued to a thin density paint stick. I guess brilliant minds think alike Lz2483? :)

Philly is also correct. I cannot recommend anyone use anything with less rigidity than the Waxman Grippers. If anything I prefer that people use alternative materials that exceed the firmness of the original Grippers.

Lz - don't take that negatively. I wholeheartedly agree that in the forum environment these ideas should be shared and debated. But a lot of this got covered a while back when the Wench first lifted her skirt in public. The consensus is as I noted above: Stick with a firmer density in your Grippers.

Glad to see you are so level-headed about discoloration. It is something to keep an eye on, but of the many hanging complications I believe it is one of the least severe. As long as set length is kept to under 20 minutes tissue damage will not occur.



Thanks for the replies guys,

I wasn't around for that discussion on the Wench. Only been on this BB for about six weeks now. But I will definitely try that paint stick idea. The only reason I couldn't use the hard rubber was because no one in my area had it. Tried two Walmarts and a couple of hardware stores. So I had to improvise.

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