I officially started Penis Enlargementing on the 20th of May (so now I have been Penis Enlargementing for four weeks). I decided to measure today before exercising.

Starting Stats:
EL: 16cm (6.3")
EG: I don't really care--it's pretty close to 6" already, which is my final goal.

now (4 weeks later)
EL: 16.5cm (6.5")

My goal when I started Penis Enlargementing was to get to 7" EL by August 20th. I believe this goal is still attainable.
I joined MOS about a week and a half ago, and have been doing the Phase 1 exercises, although I did not know until yesterday that I was supposed to be doing it 7on 0off, (I was doing 3 on 1 off, and sometimes 1 on 1 off).

This reminds me:
DLD--how much longer should I do Phase 1 since I started Penis Enlargementing about 2.5 weeks before joining your program? I was doing close to the same routine as is mapped out in Phase 1 for about 1 week before joining. I don't know if I should go by weeks (another 2.5 or so) or my gains.

I am happy that I am gaining, and I hope that I manage to reach my goal by the end of August.


It has been another 4 weeks since my last update. As for gains:

At beginning (5/20):

Now (7/20): 16.8-17cm

When hard I am usually around 16.8cm, but when I'm at my max (which recently I have had troubles maintaining while measuring) I am at 17cm.

I'm glad that the gains are continuing. I FINALLY think I am doing the DLD Blasters correctly--for the first couple of weeks doing them I did not feel any sort of stretch . Now I feel it REALLY deep. I am continuing the stretches in all directions, as I find that these help with my growth immensely. Every few days I gently pump my penis to give it a little bit of a "shock." Interestingly, my EL growth has suddenly occurred over the last week and a half. I figure that my stretched flacid length must have improved, and over the course of the last week or so the erect length caught up.

What made you decide to go 0-7? I have always trained 0-7 and I believe it is the best way to make gains.
I decided to go 0-7 after reading your posts! Maybe every other week I take a day off if my penis is feeling unusually sore or has slight bruising. This RARELY happens, though. I think I am learning to really exercise without over-doing it.
I'm sorry to disagree but I personally don't understand how 7-days-on-0-days-off can be the best way to train. It doesn't make since from a biological standpoint. Growth and healing take place during periods of rest, so it would stand to reason that you need at least one day off every week to use as a rest period...

Of course everyone has their own beliefs, and if you think 7-on-0-off is best for you, then I wish you all the luck in the world with that routine.


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Maybe they just heal really quickly? I'm not sure, I do a 5 on 2 off myself, or a 6 on 1 off.



I decided to measure again today, and I'm now consitantly reaching 17, and even starting to push past 17cm! Since my last post I have done a little extra downward stretching (maybe about 2 more minutes than I had been). My lot is around 8:30-8:45, and I was told this may help to speed up my progress.
Also, I took a day off from jelqing yesterday, which made today's exercise feel a little more comfortable than normal. I think that from now I will either take a day off or do something like 100-150 jelqs for that one day.
I'm finding myself to be increasingly confident during my everyday activities (which is a HUGE step in my life, as I used to be suicidal), and I am looking forward to continued gains.

Thanks everyone!

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