Sudan situation only getting worse


Jun 3, 2003
Sudan situation only getting worse
Sudan Tribune |
"The news media can no longer be blamed for not bringing light to the world about the more than 30,000 black African Muslims murdered by the Arab Muslim Janjaweed in Darfur, Sudan. The world has also been told of nearly 2 million of the survivors having been removed from their homes, many huddled in remote camps where epidemic diseases add to the corpses. And there is no doubt that the government of Sudan arms and supports the Janjaweed... Amnesty International, in its new report Rape as a Weapon of War, reveals that 'girls as young as 8 are being raped and used as sex slaves in Western Sudan.' ... In Congress, both the House and Senate are trying to avoid repeating America's utterly shameful silence during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. On July 22, by overwhelming bipartisan votes, the House and Senate passed resolutions stating explicitly that the horrors in Darfur are indeed genocide."

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