Strike While the Iron is Hot


Jun 3, 2003

Strike While the Iron is Hot


Upon meeting a man, in an instant, a woman
has sized up his compatibility.

If the man appears to be at least somewhat
compatible with her (same age, build, etc.)
she will usually be a little attracted to
him. It's almost like you get a few extra
points on the attractiveness meter just for
being novel.

Newness works to a man's advantage. For lack
of a better term I call this the "newness

But, be warned, attraction based on "newness"
decays quickly... obviously, if you are no
longer "new" then you lose this edge.

Unfortunately, the temptation for most men
when they meet a new woman is to take things
slow and test the waters by waiting to see if
she is interested before "taking the plunge"
and making a move.

This "safe" route ends up being a big

If you meet a new woman you must strike while
the iron is hot. A fragile interest will fade
quickly if not reinforced or acted upon.

When you meet a new woman don't wait around
and try to figure out if she likes you.
Chances are that you won't be able to figure
that out from any of the so called "mating
signals" anyway. Just make the move... ask
for her number, her email, or a date.

Not only will you have the "newness factor"
working to your advantage, you will also ooze
confidence when you don't hesitate or timidly
beat around the bush.

Best wishes,


Aug 23, 2003
I wished I would have read that years ago. It's painful to think of all the women I could have had... but played it safe :(
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