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Jun 4, 2003
This may take a while as I want to ramble a bit. I have worked with stretching the tunica more than anything because of this peyronies. I recently sent a picture to DLD that shows almost if not totally, that I have removed the bend caused by peyronies. It has been a tough 4 year struggle and DLD has worked with me very closely over the past year to do the erect bends and work to get that tunica repaired. Here is my questions or comments:
1) The Tunica is that fibrous "cord" that when we are stretching and totally, that is totally...flaccid. when you pull your penis glans and put a really hard stretch , the tunica and the urethra are the fibrous cord that you can feel. The fleshy part of the penis is just there, without any blood making it balloon up. This cord is tough. It is really the whole of the penis, what makes it "hard" giving you the ability for penetration. Okay, so far? Stretching this tunica, fibrous cord, that is really a fibrous tube that is flat or round, but when fills with blood explodes into the projected penis...It seems that we do these stretches , these twists , and rotations and pulling and tugging to make this stretch . I work on it flaccid and with stimulation, I begin to feel the blood filling and soon an erection starts. You quit the stimulation and the blood quits filling the tunica "tube." So, when it is flaccid or limp, and you work the tunica, stretching it and making it give, this part of the penis must be the toughest part of the human body. It won't give. You can hang 10 or 20 pounds on it and it still resists stretching . Is there something that we can do to make it give? Heat and more stretching and more stretching and you want to pound on it, all to little avail. That is why, it seems stretching the tunic when erect seems to be the most beneficial. I have been doing some more flaccid pulling, rolling it between my fingers, massaging it, squeezing it and all in hopes that it will give to my desire. When I found out I had peyronies, the tunica had a "blowout" and there were two chambers. Where the blowout was there was a constriction and when erect you could see the indentation. Over the years, I have been able to massage that and stretch that so there is no longer an indentation and the tunica now seems to be one whole unit again. So, it does give with time. And I might add...lots of effort
2) When trying to get length , I have had more success in getting the ligs to move and I have a thicker base now and you can see the ligs pulled out more. It seems that this tunica must stretch if I am going to (we all are going to) have success in getting length . The length will come with the tunica stretching as well as the ligs coming out, or expanding/stretching too. I don't think there is a problem in stretching the urethra. That seems like it would stretch with the tunica, if you can budge that tunica.
3) Girth seems easy to me because you are stretching the tunica in a different direction. Length comes hard because that cord has to be forced to to the length direction. I have been working on pulling it in length flaccid. I mean pulling little increments, all up and down the tunica. I work a little at a time, starting behind the glans and working toward the base. Each night, each session just taking a 10 or 20 minute time to pull and tug that tunica in a special way to expand it. It seems I am making progress, but every so slowly.
These are my comments, and experiences of late. GS


I think youre dead on with this post GS. This is exactly why my stretching sessions consist of 100% bundled A stretches using mostly my Power Assist. I bust my ass when I perform a stretch and hold the pull as long as I can. I get an incredible stretch in the tunicae. The bundling of the tunicae has to be what is responsible for this. I dont understand it totally...I think it's actually the combination of the bundling (twisting) and the "fulcrum" applied to the tissues during the stretch . When I say that I "bust my ass" when doing them...I mean it....I am pulling as hard as possible...I actually start to get fatigue and some minor muscle "burn" in my shoulders and arms during the stretch sessions. I can apply more resistance than I probably could have ever worked up to with fulcrum hanging .


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Jul 7, 2003
Great post GS, although I'm kinda new to Penis Enlargement it seems you have the hit spot. But if you are like me (Quite small flaccid) i find it really hard to do tunica work. Even if i use a 'fake arm' to do my A stretches i lose grip within 20-30 secs. But again a good post.
(This was only my opinion)


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Jun 4, 2003
I've tried tunica stretching for, oh, two days. I even had a rotuine worked out, but then I went back to the old ligs. I'm still gaining from them, slowly, but I'm still goin. When it runs out I'll go for the tunica.



Jun 7, 2003
Originally posted by pUNKY
Even if i use a 'fake arm' to do my A stretches i lose grip within 20-30 secs.
(This was only my opinion)
20 or 30 seconds is more than enough if the intensity is high. In fact I only hold it for about 5 secs which is what DLD recommends.

I think there are very few people who are applying as much force as SWM or myself and that is why we continue our gains. I say this because it seems like we are the only ones with beat up looking dicks. I have actually injured my wrist/shoulder (minor) from doing A-stretches .

Of course it took me a while till I was comforatble with this amount of force. Newbies should work up to this level slowly as I'm sure my ligs have adapted somewhat to the force.
Oct 4, 2008
tunica whats the friggin tunica?

I'm doing erect,semi flaccid and flaccid stretches .

So far so good. I am at 8" or more in the mornings after 3.5 years or so of this.

I think we gain very slowly after our initial newbie gains. Maybe on a scale of 3 microns a day.

I am not sure how to measure gains since I seem to go along with no gains and then all of a sudden it's just longer.

I think growing periods are important for Penis Enlargement. you need time off to grow new cells. It's just a fact, you can't stretch what isn't there.

Damn I wish I could gain girth like some of you do. But lately girth just seems be be happening. Maybe it's a later stage of pe. I seem to be more on girth than length these days.
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