Stretching for the non-circumcised


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May 16, 2004
Hey folks,

I recently got in touch with DLD about a question that I had about stretching .

From reading things on the board and looking at the videos on the pay site, it seems that stretching is best done with foreskin pulled back being the glans, as this allows for the best grip .

I'm not circumcised, however, and it hurts to pull my foreskin back too far. <:(

DLD recommended stretching the foreskin a little every session, and this sounds like good advice, but I was just wondering what everyone else has to say on the topic? Is it possible to still get the full benefits of stretching without having your skin back behind the glans?

I'm kind of hoping so as it may take me absolutely ages to stretch my foreskin, as it's quite tight and it can hurt if I pull it back too far. I know that sounds like lack of devotion, but truly it's not.

Thanks in advance for the replies.
Sep 29, 2003
Ringwraith said:
Is it possible to still get the full benefits of stretching without having your skin back behind the glans?
No mate, you'll spend all your time pulling on your skin and getting all sorts of aches that arent related to growing your penis.

Not sure what to advise you on the tight foreskin front, but for most males masturbation will kinda take care of things and loosen it up some over time (not a huge amount, but enough).

Penis Enlargement is not recommended or advocated for under 18s. Period. Your body is still growing and Penis Enlargement aint no science, we're all winging it, every day, so if under 18 let your body grow.

If you are over 18, the body will always adapt to any pressure, so yes, you need to encourage it a little everyday to slide back. Maybe every time you pee, hold it back to the point of tension for 20 seconds. Never go too far into the pain barrier though. It will adjust over time.

Good luck :)


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Nov 25, 2003
Dude you don't have to pull your forskin all the way back, just enough so you are gripping right below the glans. I'm uncircumsized and all I do is pull the skin far enough back to expose the glans, the grip right below the glans or at the start of the glans, and begin to stretch .