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Oct 8, 2003
Hello all. I'm new to Penis Enlargement and new to this forum. I've been reading and using the search bar and am anxious to get started. I recently spent money to buy a Penis Enlargement guide at an un-named paysite and subsequently stumbled on this site after-the-fact. I now wish I had purchased the MOS guide as it appears to be more thorough and appears to offer more support/feedback.

I haven't started a routine yet. I've just been reading and trying to understand the different exercises. I'm also a little concerned about a knotted vein that I have on my penis. I've had it since a childhood accident. I had it checked-out by an MD back when it happened (30+ years ago) and he said it shouldn't cause me any problems. My best description is that it is a knotted vein and it forms a lump on the left side of my penis. I don't have any pain from it, and that includes during masturbation. No pain whatsoever, but it is there and it does seem to enlarge when my penis is engorged with blood.

I'm trying to put together a starting routine. I've never done any Penis Enlargement exercises. I'd like to start-out with a routine that takes around 30 minutes. I'd like to concentrate on both length and girth. I'd also like to improve my staying power, as I've had some trouble with pre-mature ejaculation and overall not lasting very long. This problem is especially true during first encounters with a new girlfriend. I believe alot of it is due to performance anxiety and worrying about lack of size. Also, may be attributable to a weak PC muscle and/or underdeveloped penis.

I'm in my 40's, overweight and haven't exercised regularly for many years. I want to change what I can starting now. I will be changing my eating habits and diet, and I will start on a regular exercise program. I'd like to lose around 70 pounds and increase my stamina. I realize that dropping the 70 pounds will probably take me over a year, but I'm desire to make such comittment.

I'm gonna need this forum for support and motivation. I also plan on purchasing the MOS Penis Enlargement program in January. Since I just plopped down money on another program, I thought I'd go ahead and get started before I spend additonal money on Penis Enlargement. Getting started may be my biggest hurdle.

I'd like to join this community and learn from all of you. Although at times I'm a natural skeptic, there has to be something to NPenis Enlargement or else there wouldn't be so many people posting on here about it. I'm hopeful that you guys will give me guidance and encouragement along my journey to a healthier me.

I want to get started today. Inasmuch, I've reviewed DLD's on this forum for newbie 's. I've also used the search feature. I'm a little confused about the stretching exercises. As a beginner, do I stretch flaccid or do I stretch erect?

I've tried to follow along about determining my LOT. Not sure I completely understand the right way to determine my LOT. I definately feel the tug at 12:00 and I definately do not feel a tug at 6:00. I still feel somewhat of a tug at 9:00. There doesn't seem to be much of a tug around 8:00 or so, but I can still feel a small amount of tug. Is that what I'm looking for----no tug at all? Or, am I looking for only a certain part of tug? I've read several threads on here in re to LOT and I"m still confused.

Here are my starting measurements, something I've always considered "small", escpecially since I'm a bigger guy:

Flacid Length - 3.25"
BP Flacid Length - 4.25"
Flacid Girth - 4.75"

Erect Length - 5.0"
BPenis EnlargementL - 6.0"
Erect Girth - 5.50-5.75" (depending where measure, more like 5.0 if measuring at top just under head)

Yup, have a one inch fat pad that doesn't help things. I consider myself to be a 5-incher, because that's what's there without pushing back to the bone. That's all a woman sees and feels when she pulls down my boxers.

My goals for Penis Enlargement (after one year):

Flaccid Length = 5.0"
Erect Lenth = 7.0" - 7.50"
BPenis EnlargementL = 7.50" - 8.0"
Erect Girth = 6.25-6.75"

In otherwords, I'd like to lose around a half inch in fat pad (coming from losing weight and shaping-up)....end up with 7.0" - 7.50" non-bone pressed length . So I'm striving for a length gain of 2.0-2.5" and a girth gain of around 3/4 to 1 inch.

Are my goals realistic? Do I stand a chance? I believe Penis Enlargement will help boost my confidence with women, which in turn will help to reduce performance anxiety. I can meet attractive women, but it always seems like the size of my package and my lack of staying power disappoints once we get back to my place and get naked. I'm determined to overcome this problem.

So when starting with DLD's post for beginners, do I stretch flacid or erect?

Thanks in advance to DLD and to all of you. You have a great forum here and I hope I'm welcome. I need the comradrie.
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Sep 11, 2003
Oaktree - As one 40 someting year old to another I can tell about how things have worked out for me. First of all it is realistic you can start your changes. Since I started I have added over an inch in length and a little over a half inch in girth.
It has made a big difference in how I feel about myself. I also have found that even into our 40's we can still benifit from excercise. what I mean is not only maintain tone but build up your body to.
It has taken dedication from me on both of these, but you will see results. Not only does the size change over time so does the condition. Which makes us not to old after all.


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Jun 3, 2003
oh sorry bout that, ya my goal is 6.5 girth in over a month of Penis Enlargement im up to 5.75 flaccid and 6 erect at my mid-shaft so i'll see how it goes
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