stretching all during one time better?

but when you do make sure its a good stretch and you are feeling a good tug...stretch in the bathroom,bedroom,in front of the computer..the more you stretch the need to fatigue the ligaments..they have some good threads on that here,all you have to do is look....


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Originally posted by johnny77
but when you do make sure its a good stretch
Very true. Also on a side note make sure you still have a specific routine you follow every day. Having a "When you can routine" could easily become passed off till another time. Even if you break your stretching routine up into 5 mini-routine be sure the routine is followed with as much gusto as a normal routine.
Alright thanks guys, ive been doing pretty good with finding time but today was one of those days where it was hard to find time, and i did what you said dld and johnny77 and broke it up into mini-intense sessions
origionally posted by doublelongdaddy hopefully, it's good for the soul to get some pe in everyday. The sense of accomplishment is so rewarding
Dld you are soooooo right im really pleased with my gains so far.
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