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Oct 12, 2003
I have been reading some threads where people are posting their concerns about soreness after a stretch routine the night previous.

I am no expert on the subject but i do know my own body and i have done various flexibility training on muscles the past 4 years and i am currently taking a Sport Science course at college so hear me out because i hope this can help.

The basic idea of the stretch is to loosen the joint/muscle/area or in this case the genitals and to supply the area with BLOOD prior to exercise which guess what? is an essential part of Penis Enlargement. Blood provides the body cells with much needed oxygen and generally will increase body temperature at the point of the stretch . This should be enough information to convince you that strecthing is a vital part of Penis Enlargement for warm up and cool downs as gentle stretching makes the ligaments ready for more intense exercise. It would also be necessary to do some circulation exercises so that you can maximise the benefits of a stretch .

Once warmed up the body will be ready for the intense exercises that are to follow. Your body will also be better conditioned at that moment in time for the real and intense stretches that are a part of Penis Enlargement. Ensuring gentle warming and supply of blood to the ligaments prior to the main workout will dramatically decrease the chances of injury. not only that but you will get a better stretch even if you dont necessarily feel it. As with muscle stretching there are certain stretches that you dont always feel, but that is not to say you are not being stretched because you are. I would assume in Penis Enlargement that you dont always have to feel the stretch in order to get a good stretch . However, it is normal for the stretch reflex to kick in almost immediately. its the bodies way of protecting itself from possible injury due to the stress you are putting it under. In muslce training the idea is to relax all muslces and conduct a stretch (lets say sit and reach stretch that stretches hamstrings - back of leg) you enter the stretch and your body reacts. now the first thing to happen is your body tenses up to lessen the chance of injury (this is the stretch reflex). by concentrating and breathing out slowly you can overcome this reflex and stretch deeper. Also you can do a method that tricks your ligaments into thinking they are longer than they actually are but it is essential they are sufficiently warmed up first (hence the talk of warm up). If you relax in the stretch at first but then tense up the area being stretched (in the case of Penis Enlargement i would imagine you tense your PC muscle) as hard as possible and hold this for anything between 10-30 seconds you trick your muscles and ligs into thinking they are longer and when you relax again...hey presto you can stretch deeper and elongate your hamstrings further. Whether or not these same principles apply to lig stretching in Penis Enlargement is something people the likes of DLD would have better knowledge of. All i was trying to explain is how stretching if done properly can be done very effectively and seems as Penis Enlargement stretches the ligs i would assume that the same principles apply to those ligs as the ligs for your hamstrings etc.

Some basic rules of stretching though are to make sure you are warmed up first, stretch gentle at first and gradually increase the depth and intensity of a stretch to ensure you dont injure yourself (after all whats the rush) and understand the idea of your bodies natural reflexes. I know from flexibility training that understanding the principles is key and taking your time is the best advice you can have. never rush a stretch . I have tried to apply this to my stretches in Penis Enlargement and so far (touch wood) i havent encountered any problems. Stretching is something to develop over time so dont rush and dont force things to happen otherwise something will have to give.:O

my ramble for the day is finished now.
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Jun 3, 2003
Stretch reflex was my main objective when I created DLD BLASTERS. A huge problem at the time with many users was the PC reflex when stretching . This was a time that I was making very solid length gains while many guys were struggling and coming up short on length gains.

I tried to evaluate what was different about my program compared to other guys. The biggest factor I could find was the KEGEL and REVERSE KEGEL. I did KEGELS from the start of my program. I used KEGELS to enhance my girth work. I also made a discovery that explained my length gains and this was the REVERSE KEGEL I would do, unknowingly, during length routines.

At the time the REVERSE KEGEL was being explored for its sexual value during orgasm. For many guys a REVERSE KEGEL made it possible to ejaculate and maintain an erection.

I was more interested in the function of the REVERSE KEGEL. Logic told me that if a KEGEL was a flex of the PC muscle than the REVERSE KEGEL was a total unflex of the PC muscle. This was vital information for the Penis Enlargement world for a few reasons. The main problem with basic stretching at the time was that the PC muscles acted as a safety reflex for the LIGS. A users natural safety reaction to a stretch was a KEGEL and this was a problem because the LIGS were absorbing very little of the stretch as the PC muscle were hindering it. When I applied a REVERSE KEGEL or a total unflex of the PC muscle to a stretch the PC muscles were no longer an issue and the LIGS were absorbing most of the stretch ...hence the birth of DLD BLASTERS. I found out quickly that this was the biggest integer in making length gains.
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