Stretch grip question?


Jun 4, 2003
Some have mentioned not gripping directly behind the glans, but further down the shaft. I cannot seem to get much lig stretch when I do this. it feels like just the outer layer of skin & tissue is stretching . When doing an "A" stretch especially, I don't see how you could do this without gripping the glans only.

What feels right to me is to grip just under the base of the glans, so that the "helmet edges" are butted against my gripping fingers. Thanks to some FS gains, I can finally do an "A" stretch but only by using a reverse "OK" grip i.e. first finger & thumb grip around glans and the other fingers are away from my body. But, I seem to get a stronger grip when I use the regular OK for other stretches . What is the best method, as I don't want to cause an injury?

btw, today is my birthday, I'm 43 ;)
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