Strange News Part 3



Jun 3, 2003
Athlete Changes Name To Cat Food Brand

SYDNEY - In one of the most bizarre sponsorship deals ever seen, a top Australian Rules footballer has legally changed his name to a brand of pet food to help out his cash-strapped club.

Geelong Cats captain Garry Hocking told the Herald Sun newspaper that he had changed his name by deed poll to ''Whiskas,'' a popular cat food.

The newspaper said that under the terms of the deal, which was said to be worth between A$100,000 (US$66,000) and A$200,000, Whiskas would make a ``generous'' donation to the club and a local animal welfare center.

Hocking said he would change his name back after one week.

``It is just a light-hearted thing from a commercial point of view that will help get the club out of strife,'' Hocking said.

``I'm probably going to cop a little bit of flak, but I see it as a great thing for the footy club and Whiskas.''


A Dirty Bastard

An Auckland man, one Neil Grubb, has been fined for fraudulently altering condoms. Flavours involved reportedly included liquorish and raspberry. No really, Mr Grubb brought a wholesale batch of expired prophylactics (imported from Germany circa 1995) and stamped new dates on 'em, in order to flog them off to pharmacies.


Whoops, Wrong Turn

Glen Woodcock, 31, drove his Ford Bronco onto an Army bombing range, then got stuck just as soldiers prepared to open fire. Military police at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, arrested the still-unsuspecting Woodcock after he walked across the range, which is littered with thousands of pounds of unexploded ammunition and pockmarked with bomb craters, and asked some soldiers to help him move his truck. "Why or how he did not step on something and blow himself totally up is a miracle," garrison commander Colonel Woodrow Wilson said. Since retrievingt the vehicle would be too dangerous, it was left as a target.


Sad, But Funny

Six people drowned while trying to rescue a chicken that fell down a 60-foot well in the Egyptian village of Nazlat Imara. Police said an 18-year-old farmer, his sister, two brothers and two elderly farmers that came to help climbed down one by one but all drowned, apparently after being pulled down in the water by an undercurrent.


This is your brain on beer

A Kentucky man who accidentally shot and killed his best friend when he took up a dare to shoot a beer can off his head is being held on murder charges. Witnesses told police the two had been drinking when Slusher posed the dare and Caldwell took him up on it, firing a 22-caliber semiautomatic pistol.


Sixty-One Drown Seeking Relief From Heat

MOSCOW, June 16 - Sixty-one people have drowned in Moscow's rivers and lakes this month while trying to cool off from a heat wave, Itar-Tass news agency reported Wednesday. ``Many of the victims were drunk,'' the agency quoted a city emergency health spokesman as saying. Tass said 107 people drowned during a heat wave last year. It has been unusually hot for several weeks in central Russia with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). Many Muscovites spend their summer weekends bathing in countryside lakes and rivers near the city.


I Do Not Like Green Legs And Hands

Nigerian police arrested a witchdoctor and his son after the son was seen returning home with a human head, two legs, and two hands in a plastic bag. He claimed his father sent him out to buy them.


Pentagon Reports More Penetrations Than Madonna

The GAO confirmed that, in 1995, out of a quarter million hacker attempts to access Department of Defense computers, 65% were probably successful.


This Salad Dressing Is Delicious

Belgium's Sabena Airlines reported fluids draining from an improperly sealed three-month-old corpse being shipped in the luggage compartment soiled 50 suitcases on a Nice to Brussels flight
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