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I'm just popping in briefly, it's been awhile. I've been very busy with work, a side project, & some intense Penis Enlargement.
The side project is "The Cockulator" ( - which I hope to have finished by early November.
And the Penis Enlargement work has been intense stretching - with the aid of talcum powder & a 2-foot wooden dial rod. I'll give a detailed routine later, but it's something like this:
(1) Bundled stretches (between 9:30-12:00 LOT). Left, then Right - 4 sets each direction.
(2) Behind the leg stretch - way back, like 6:00, even 5-5:30) 2 sets each, left & right.
(3) Modified A Stretches , usually 3-5 sets, or so.
(4) Fulcrum stretches , rod against upper side of penis base, then pull straight up - mad tunica stretch .
(5) Then a form of modified A, with the dial rod placed in beneath the shaft, roughly at middle.
(6) V Stretches .
I finish this off with some mad pulls SO, with both hands, while I'm leaning backwards, away from the pull.
Then I do 15-25 very slow jelqs and I'm finished - literally, as in BLOWN AWAY.
My ligs get so damn sore from this. I can actually see my penis looking longer in this brief period; won't measure for 2 more weeks.
- auf Wiedersehen


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Wow! Now that's is one hell of an intense manual routine! I guess you not being able to hang isn't much of a problem anymore with you having that routine eh?

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