Don't put your starting size or your size now, simply put what gains you have made in Bone Pressed Erect Length and Erect Girth from the day you started Penis Enlargement until today or when you last measured.
Just wanna see who's made what gains.

for example:
BPenis EnlargementL = 2.5"
EG = 1.25" (these aren't my gains by the way... I wish rofl )

Roughly 1 year ago (with a 3 month break during the summer):
6.6'' BPenis EnlargementL, 5.1'' EG

6.9'' BPenis EnlargementL, 5.3'' - 5.4'' EG

Level of dedication and time spent on exercises during the year: mostly high, with occasional bouts of laziness. General time spent on exercises: 1.5 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.


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Sep/Oct 2001 I started.

Before pe:

Length - 6.6 inches
Girth - 5.4 inches

After pe, last measurement was around sep-oct 2003:

Length - 8.25 inches
Girth - 7.50 inches


I dunno my current stats.


Yea no shit. Nobody READ what dude asked for.

To date, I've gained: 2.25" of bpel and non bp length . A little over an inch in girth.


1st oct 2003

4 weeks ago

7 5/8x5.1


ok but about how long has everyone been doing Penis Enlargement? like what is the average gains...say roughly per year from doing Penis Enlargement? and when someone does stop Penis Enlargement how much on average do they lose? I read here some have lost 1/2-3/4 of an inch from 6 month breaks.
so it looks like eveyone has completely different results, I mean looking at some of those gains, some people are gaining in months what others are gaining in years.


about 1 BPenis EnlargementL and .75 EG. 3 years.

I wish I werre as dedicated as DLD has been these past 3 years. If I had his gains I'd be 11x6.5. How depressing. Hows that for motivation to FREAKING STICK WITH IT!!!