starting today 12/29

Hey Guys,
Joined the website a few months ago just for kicks. I have to say that I am more than surprised at the knowledge of many of the regular posters!!!
I am a physical therapist and though my urology studies were minimal I have to say that a lot of the researching on the website is pretty advanced:gluedtosc .
Okay, i just broke up with the girlfriend
( happy f'ing new year) and decided to get serious on pe'ing. I will be posting some pics asap but measurements start as such:
flaccid: length 6" and girth 5 1/2"
haven't done erect yet, not much in the mood I guess lol. Anyway, will post pics soon and report progress every month.
Thanks for the ideas and explanations!!


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Yes, welcome to the forums and I must say that your starting flaccid size is pretty good already! Oh well, "You only get bigger from here."



Waiting for followups. Have you made progress? Let us know......

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