Starting Penis Enlargement


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Jun 3, 2003

Starting Penis Enlargement
Starting Penis Enlargement is not as difficult as it might appear. Once you join the Matters of Size program you will be greeted with an introduction that will brief you on all the basics of what you will need to know before starting. After your introduction you will proceed to Phase 1 where you will be given your starting routine with clear, medical illustrations and clean, well written text. After looking over your routine you can move into the Penis Enlargement Videolibrary where you will be shown how each exercise is done from start to finish. Matters of Size has paid attention to every little detail in our video direction giving you multiple, video views of each exercise assuring academic perfection. There is additional audio support giving you another perspective on each exercise. After this incredible initiation you are ready to actually start to workout. There is total flexibility in time (see penis enlargement time) with every workout and if special needs are required one to one penis enlargement helpis always available.

Each Phase is set up with the same familiar format that you will be accustomed to in Phase 1. Currently the Matters of Size Program has Five Phases with the next in the works. As you move through the phases you will enjoy the same quality, clarity and direction you learned in the previous phase.

When I first started penis enlargement it was an amazing new world filled with great potentials and new hopes and dreams. I loved each and every session as I new I was gaining more and more size.

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