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Dec 8, 2003
I am, of course, new to this Penis Enlargementing thing. I have always been small. I guess my development in my teen years didn't do its thing as well as it ought to have. I am focusing on becoming only very slightly longer than average: 7" nbpel and/or 5" flaccid. I am currently between 2.5" and 3" flaccid and 5" or so nbpel. I am 18 and I am trying to have the foresight to make sure this is not a limiting factor in any future relationships.

Here's what I am doing:

My focus is on length first and girth secondary. That is why I am starting out doing 100 jelqs daily and following DLD's newbie plan for stretching , but I am working up to two minutes either straight out or straight down, with the side stretches remaining the same as prescribed by the Newbie routine. I will be moving up to about 150 jelqs in a month. Once I hit my target, I will continue for about a month and stop.

I want to see if I can achieve my goals in 4 or 5 months. Everyone I see around me seems to walk around with some sort of bulge except for me. I hope by the end of next semester (I am a college fresHydromaxan) that I will have achieved a similar status.

What comments or recommendations do the more experienced Penis Enlargementers have for me?


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Nov 29, 2003
welcome aboard Buz.
your goals are very realistic.
hard work and dedication gives a big penis. remember don't over doit give your penis time recoperate.
good luck.
if you need motivation there are some excellent motivators here
doublelongdaddy,stillwantmore,ItsElectric,REDZULU2003.etc. etc.
feel at home while your at home,


Jun 29, 2003
Welcome buz, your starting stats are where a lot have began Penis Enlargement from. Everyone is different in how they react to Penis Enlargement. Some gain girth easy, others length . Yet others struggle to get anything. All have some reward to one degree or another. I would suggest that you work both girth and length . Follow DLD's newbie routine. Girth work produces length gain too. Don't start with limitations right off the bat. Find out what your gain is, length or girth and refine your workout accordingly. Good luck in your Penis Enlargement Adventure.


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Dec 5, 2003
Welcome aboard. Your stats were about mine in the flaccid state. Now I am about 5-6 in flaccid. No one can be sure what your gains will be, you and you alone can determine this. I started around your age and am now 21 so dont be afraid. Your penis size is not going to be what determines relationships, and if it is your with the wrong girl. Do this for your self man, not for anyone else. In the end you will be glad you did. I wish you the best of luck, feel free to ask me anything you need.

Dont be worried about everone else man, in the end you will only be disapointed. Look At DLD, he is huge, but there are people that are bigger, does he care. No of coarse not. I have stayed motivated for 5 years with only about 2 X 2 to show for. My real gains are going to come over the next 9 years. When I hit 30 whatever size I am I will stop once and for all. Stay in for yourself and for the long haul. Whenver you need help just ask. We will be there. Good luck.


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Jun 3, 2003
You can do it.
This is the place to be in right here.
Wish ya all tha best ;)
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