started the newbie routine last night and...

Dec 23, 2003
basically in my last program ( they told me to do the stretches while being erect which i found very difficult, so i was glad to hear that here you do them whilst flaccid. Anyway, the straight-down, down-right and down-left were all OK, but i had a bit of trouble stretching straight up (could only hold the stretch for about 20 seconds before i lost my grip ), also with the rotations it says do about 30 but i found myself getting erect after about 20 so i had to stop, did all three sets of all that, all seems OK there.
With the jelqing i found that 300 was a bit too much (my hand was a bit sore for some reason from the stretching ) so i just did 100, i found the 50 kegal stretches a bit too much aswell so i just did about 25.
Is there anyone else out there doing this 'newbie routine', if so what are your experiences so far?
Thanx for reading.
Any help is much appreciated!


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Jun 3, 2003
Lee, You sound right on track. There is going to be a build up of endurance that will happen over time and you will get stronger and stronger. Upward stretches do take a little bit of practice and baby powder will help with your grip . 100 jelqs is fine for your first session but continue to try to build on this and get that number up to 300. Good luck and keep us updated.


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