Spring Break...a 22 year old girls story


Jun 3, 2003
Spring Break

My name is Stacey, I'm 22 years old, barely 5 foot tall, and

weigh 105 lbs. I have shoulder length brown hair and accented with

brown eyes. I am currently attending a 2 year college and studying to

be a RN nurse. I was born and raised in California and moved to

Pennsylvania to attend the college I had chosen. I live on campus in a

dorm and have several female friends. One in particular that I am very

close with is named Holly and she is also 22 and studying to be a RN

nurse. She is 5'6, 125 lbs, and very long blonde hair, sexy blue eyes,

and lives here at the dorm since her home is around 150 miles from our


Our Spring Break was coming up and I had no plans, so Holly

invited me spend break with her and her family on their farm. Holly

and I packed our clothes, some books to study, and some other items

needed during break. Holly offered to take her truck for our trip and

that I could leave my car on campus. So everything went in the truck

and we were on our way to the farm. On our way to the farm, Holly

and I had come up with all sorts of ideas of what us two would enjoy

doing together during break.

Her folks greeted the two of us as we pulled into the

driveway. The farm was more beautiful than I had pictured since I was

raised living in a big city. They owned 150 acres of land that was

surrounded by trees and mountains. They lived in a gorgeous log cabin

that gave off the pleasant scent of pine and cedar and soon as you

walked in the door. Holly had two horses, one was a Gelding and the

other was a Stallion both were the blackest of black colored quarter

horses. Holly's younger sister owns a small Shetland Pony, and her

father has two Coonhound hunting dogs and he fanatically loves

hunting the surrounding mountains around their farm. Her parents

suggested we put away our clothes and belongings while they prepare

lunch for us, so we went off to Holly's room to unpack.

Lunch consisted of ham and swiss cheese sandwiches,

homemade gooey chocolate chip cookies, and milk, and after lunch

Holly and I was going horseback riding. It was really hot that

afternoon, so Holly suggested we change into something more skimpy.

We went to her bedroom and began to look for something to wear, and

we both decided to wear matching Daisy Duke shorts and a half tee-

shirt. Holly began to strip right there in front of me, and I was

beginning to get aroused while watching her. She had a sexy full and

firm set of tits that bounced and jiggled as she undressed, and I couldn't

help staring at them. Holly noticed my glancing at them and smiled at

me, and suggested we hurry and get changed.

We looked like two hookers as we both walked out to the barn

with our ass cheeks hanging out the very revealing shorts. Holly

warned me that I better not ride the black stallion since he was very

spirited, so I took her advise and saddled up the gelding. I could barely

look over his back as I cinched up the saddle and prepared to ride. We

led the horses out of the barn, and I climbed up into the saddle. I could

feel the buns of my ass sticking out even more now since I was sitting

on top the horse and the shorts just creeped up my ass.

Holly led the way to a beaten old path that they use while

horseback riding, and I was slowly following behind. The saddle was a

little big for my tiny ass, and as the horse walked his powerful muscles

were causing my whole body to slide back and forth in the saddle. The

horse had started to pick up speed and began to trot, and my cunt was

really getting a workout while the saddle horn was making a very tight

grinding motion against my clit. A few seconds of this horse's trotting

and the bouncing of me in the saddle, and I was cumming. I had to

squeeze my knees into the sides of the saddle and hold onto the reins

real tight in order to keep from falling off while my body trembled and

my pussy secreted the most wettest, hottest, and stickiest cum.

I spotted Holly up ahead, and she made a comment about she

thought I was lost. I laughed and said I was out of practice, but I'll try

and keep up. We had rode the horses for about two hours and returned

to the barn, and I must of cum at least a dozen times. Holly asked me

to get us a glass of ice tea while she put the horses back in the barn,

gave them some grain, and watered them for the day. After a delicious

dinner her mother had prepared, we all went into town to catch a

movie. Holly and I went to bed around 11:00 p.m. since we had made

plans of going hiking early the next morning.

I was awaken by the smell of fresh brewing coffee and the

aroma of bacon and eggs cooking. Holly's mother then knocked on the

door and said, "Breakfast is ready you girls, so come and get it before it

all gets cold". After eating breakfast and her parents left for work,

Holly and I loaded the backpack with the lunch her mother prepared

for us along with a six pack of beer we found in the refrigerator for our

hike. Since the morning air was a bit nippy, we decided to wear jeans

and sweatshirts while hiking in the mountains. As we hiked up the

mountain, I felt so at peace by hearing the songs of birds breaking the

calm quiet morning. Holly and I took turns carrying the backpack as

we wandered up the winding path that snaked its way up the side of the


As we neared the peek of the mountain we came across a wide

stream, we foolishly decided to try and cross it to get to the other side.

We walked along the stream and found a fallen Oak tree that we could

use as a bridge to get to the other side. Holly took the backpack and

led the way across the fallen tree and I nervously followed behind her.

Holly reached the other side of the stream and sat the backpack down

and began cheering me on, "Come on Stacey you can make it"!

Unfortunately, at the half way mark I lost my footing and tumbled into

the brisk cold mountain spring water . I was soaked and cold from head

to toe, as I continued to wade the remaining distance to get to where

Holly was. Holly asked me if I was okay and laughing at the same

time. I was shaken like a leaf from the combination of the cold wet

clothing that clung to my body and the cool mountain air.

Holly took a blanket from the backpack and told me to take

off all of my wet clothes while she gathered wood to make a fire. She

told me she used to be in the Girl Scouts and learned how to avoid

Hypothermia, by keeping the person calm and as warm as possible. I

took off all my drenched clothes and stood there totally naked and

shivering as Holly wrapped the blanket around me and sat me near

where she was gonna build a camp fire. After she had gotten the fire

burning pretty good, she hung my wet clothes on branches near the fire

so that they could dry. Holly walked over to where I was huddled in

the blanket shivering and cold, and undresses herself. She said this is

what they taught us in Scouts to keep a person warm with body heat,

she called it the Hug of Life.

She stood in front of me nude, and I could barely keep my

eyes off of her beautiful blonde curly pubic hair glistening from the

sunlight filtering through the leaves on the trees. She came over to me

and gently pushed me into a laying down position and climb under the

blanket with me. Her arms embraced me in a womanly hug, I could

feel the heat from her body beginning to warm mine. Holly rubbed my

body to help quicken the warming process, and our legs started to

intertwine with each others. I laid there gazing into her beautiful blue

eyes as the passion began to arise between us, and seconds later our

lips met in a hot passionate kiss.

While we continued our soft sensual kissing, Holly's hand slid

down between my thighs. Her fingers slipped into the folds of my

pussy and she began to fondle me in away I have never felt before. I

kissed my way down until I was kissing and sucking her luscious

breasts. The sounds of our moans grew louder as we continued our

woman to woman love making. Holly eagerly went down between my

thighs and started licking, kissing, and nibbling my clit and pussy. She

positioned herself above me in the 69 position and exposed her pussy 2

inches above my mouth. Holly continued loving my pussy with her

hot tongue, while I returned the favor of licking her pussy too.

The sight of the two of us nude and loving each other in the

middle of the woods in front of the camp fire was enough to get the

two of us even hotter for each other. I grabbed her ass cheeks as I

pulled her down tighter to my face while she started grinding her hips

in a circular corkscrew motion as my tongue went deeper into her

pussy. The two of us humped at each other tongues until we both

reached our orgasm, and I could feel my pussy overflowing with my

juices. Holly's pussy was hovering inches above my mouth her love

juices were running down my chin, and I excitedly licked every loving

drop from her pussy. Holly and I collapsed in each others arms after

our love making, and waited for my clothes to finish drying so we

could head back to the cabin.


Jun 4, 2003
Aw to be that young and abandoned.. Made the juices flow.


Apr 16, 2004
gave me wood.................


WOW, that was damn good.
I wish i was there too, in the bushes LOL


Jul 19, 2004
dam crap
that was a story man ....... fukin hell
yo, u can share the great photos of urs n holly with us if u want
u knw wat we will ove 2 see them


Jul 19, 2004
yo, i got 1 more thing to say which i forgot 2 add yesterday n dats .........

stacey can cum fast man
after readin that story i will luv 2 be wid any1 of them
great man ............. saf safe


New member
Sep 3, 2004
that was really intense stuff man, nothing is more arousing than two women enjoying each others juices


Apr 30, 2004
I am so jealous over womens ability to multiorgasm


Sep 19, 2005
oh yeah cum on a horse suuuuuuuuuure


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Dec 3, 2005
yea man old post, but I've never read this and this is great!!! haha now I wonder where that forest is at?
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