Sports Writers

Feb 16, 2004
is it just me or is anyone else absolutely sick of sports writers. most of these guys dont look they ever played sports at high or competitive levels and are constantly writing and pushing self-righteous, judgemental, and hypocritcial stories and ideas that are just ridiculous. these guys constantly want to create controversy and im sick of it. athletes deserve more respect, and really shouldnt get bashed so much about making so much money or whatever. theyre entertainers and human beings just like everybody else and if you are making people a lot of money than you deserve to make a lot of money as well and any perks that come along the way shouldnt be looked down on so judgementally.
one more venting, why cant i take a pe course for full credit but im forced to take an acting class to fill basic education requirements!? its the same concept, acting is an artform and sports are not exactly an artform, but you know what im trying to say right?


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Oct 25, 2003
Mine is the opposite, Penis Enlargement required, no acting.
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