spektrem's idea


Oct 31, 2003
As, I said on his thread earlier, "I'm definately in".
I started on Dec. 29, 03, the GF and I broke up so,I thought, lets get serious about this. Been researching and developing a program over the past ten days, and learning what works better than other things for me: 'Nuff said, starting stats:
BPenis EnlargementL: 8 1/8"
NBEL: 7/1/2"
EG: 6 1/4"
Will post pics to be honest. But, it is hard to measure, take a good picture AND keep the ol' boy happy!!! I'm trying to picture
Annie Liebowicz (Rolling Stone photographer) saying, "Okay work with me, work with me here"...LOL.
So, will keep a detailed measure and exercise report from
Jan 12 - Feb 12.
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