Speaking in body language.


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This is a great post. It also shows how you can get a lot said without even saying a word.

Topic: Speaking in Body Language.
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From: Alessandro
Date: Sunday, November 16, 2003 02:26 AM

Here are a few phrases and how and when to "say" them in body language:

1) "I am not afraid of you, in fact, I think you're cute."

After the intro passes, and you face little bumps on your way to a close; For example, when she brings up her busy schedule, or tells you she is never around, or asks you about your accomplishments (i.e. where did you go to college? what kind of car do you drive, etc.)

At that point, just look at blankly and touch her nose like you're painting her an Indian mask. Then you might want to add "your nose wiggles when you talk", or just don't say anything, keep talking.

2) "I don't know who you are, but I am ALL man and can take your shit. In fact, I will have you squealing like a rodent, once I get you to my place."

Before you ever say ANYTHING, walk up to her and stand an INCH from her nose, possibly your toes touching hers, then lean back.

During introduction, you can make it look like you're giving her a hug, but instead of lifting your arm to hug her, you EC her for a second, then step back. WOAH :)

3) "I already own you, so I don't care to make a good impression on you."

Grab your balls for a few minutes, then look her up and down. Or lift your shirt up to your nipples then massage your stomach and tilt your head. If you don't have to hold up the shirt for a while, just show her some skin, then have your hand under it and play with your chest hair.

I personally enjoy re-arranging my balls on front of chicks; I peel the sack off my body, stretch it around and try to find the hard balls (where the hell do they go?) Oh, maybe because I don't wear underwear :-D

4) "I am taking you with me."

Before the Real taking, you might need to rehearse with a small taking. Tell her you're going to change seats, or going to introduce her to someone, or show her something, but before she agrees, just go ahead and pick up her belongings (purse, coat) and offer her your arm, or wait until she gets up and put your hand on her lower back, then escort her.


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I've tried this in a club many times, and it works!

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