sorry i've been gone forever and a day

Hey everyone,

I've been away from MOS for a big chunk of time. Anyways, I've had more than a lot going on lately and think I'm finally back together. Just want to say that I intend to finish the Penis Enlargement statistics page, as well as being a better member to the community.

Sorry I disappeared once again.

Hope I can contribute to this community like I once did.

- d_s

(feel free to move this msg as it may not fit the best in this forum)


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It's great to have you back DS!
Thanks bud. I have been out of it in all regards until recently. I mean, I am trying to juggle two girlfriends (is that a problem?) at once and trying to stay true to my work and the rest of my life.

All in all, I feel like an ass and hope I can be good to the friends that have always found a way of picking me up.

- d_s


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DS has been in hiding due to depression caused by what Pittsburgh has offered this season in its professional sports teams. :)
Juggle two girlfriends, now that's impressive. Can you juggle two girlfriends and a chainsaw? :)

I have been training, but not to the level I want to be. I guess sometimes you have to take what you can get.


Yeah, I think the performance of Pittsburgh's teams (and my alma mater, Penn State) do put one in a state of depression. I think maybe it did have something to do with my disappearance, hehe.


It is difficult do juggle two girls at once. They do get heavy after awhile. ;) I was thinking about throwing a chainsaw into the mix, but I think if I tried that, I'd probably end up cutting my arm (or some other body part) off. Oh well, maybe someday. :)