Sometimes Hard/Others Not: Tales from an MD



Jun 3, 2003
Every now and then when I want to have sex I can’t get or maintain my erection._ Is there something wrong with me?

Answer: No you are fine. Every man at one time or other during his lifetime experiences one or more sexual failures. It is only when sexual problems persist that a man needs to find out why so that he can find out what caused his setback to sexual function._ The reasons for a temporary lapse in sexual function are usually age-specific.

a.__ For the young man on his first outing, anxiety about his performance and not living up to his partner’s expectations are the most common deterrents to successful sex._ Reassurance and a little confidence building are all that is needed to overcome this hurdle of self-imposed anxiety.

b.__ For the mature sexually experienced man preoccupations of the business day are difficult to check at the bedroom door. Once insinuated into the sexual encounter these mundane worries so disrupt his concentration that he loses his he vital “sensate focus”._ A resolution of business conflicts or if necessary a series of sensate focus exercises are all that is needed to reverse the trend so that sex is more enjoyable again.

c.__ For the more senior man the erotic spontaneity of youth is no longer what it once was._ His sexual systems still function but at a slower pace. Patience during the lovemaking process will keep his sexual life vibrant and enjoyableagain._

d.__ If problems persist-see your doctor.
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