Something weird


Jun 9, 2003
I have had to stop my routine for the past 1 1/2 due to some problems I have had. There just seems to be one thing after another. Firstly I started developing some pretty dry skin on the head of my penis. I ignored this at first, putting it down to the weather and carried on. I managed to develop a pretty big blood spot on the head of my penis where one of these dry patches were. I ended up messing with this and it swelled up & now has a little scab on it. I went to the doctors and they said, dont worry, its just a spot. I didnt tell them about my hanging though. The swelling has now gone down mostly but the scab is still there. When my girl came around she asked what it was and I told her I caught it in my zip when I was drunk. She bought this easily as she knows I always go commando. The thing that really freaked me though is that after we had sex i had a look at my dick and notices loads of little red blood spots on the underside of the mushroom shaped bit of the glans, where it connects to the base. Now normally I wouldnt be too worried about blood spots as I get them from jeqing. But these were a little dryer than normal, and felt quite scabby.


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Jun 4, 2003
Hmmm, maybe some type of Vitamin E lotion should be applied ever so often, I dunno why it would be getting that dry... Hmm, maybe some others can chime in.

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