Something new I'm experimenting with...

Hey guys, I'm on a split routine (and have been for quite a while now). For those of you who don't know what that means, it basically means I have separate days that I alternate for my length and girth routines. Recently I began trying something new that I hope could help me achieve even greater girth gains, as I tend to have a hard time adding on the girth. Here's the plan:

On Length Days: After the warmup I do my stretches (one lig stretch followed by a tunica stretch , then a length , then a tunica, etc.) I finish with an intense tunica stretch (usually v-stretch ) and then I perform Redzulu's "The Presser" for about 5 minutes to help to even further expand any microtears I've created. Then I do my warm down, then achieve an erection and apply my TheraP magnetic wrap .

On Girth Days: After my warmup I begin the routine with tunica stretches (usually V-stretch and Redzulu's TOW stretch ). This helps to create microtears which I then enlarge through my girth routine which includes wet jelqs, power jelqs, erect bends, horse squeezes, and "the presser." Then I jump in the shower for my warm down and apply the TheraP wrap .

What do you all think of my plan of attack here? I've only been doing this for about a week now, but I'm feel as if I'm reaping a lot more benefits out of each individual workout by performing them in this manner. Any input you'd like to throw my way would be appreciated.
I'd train length every single day. Just do girth every other day. Everyone is different, but for me, I can train length every day. The ligs don't seem to need to much time to heal up.
Give it a couple of weeks to see what the results are. I'd also thought of seperating my workouts into length and girth, or just adding another session of one part in the evening. It seems to me a good way to really focus on one aspect or the other.

Length every day - I'd been toying with that idea, but I've just changed my routine, so we'll see how it goes (measuring on Monday :)). How is it working for you spektrum? Looks like we're about the same size.
Spektrum, I'm only doing my length every other day because right now my main focus is on girth. I'm content with my length for the time being (somewhere between 7.5 - 7.75 BP). My girth is a measely 5.3 at the moment and I'm hoping this routine will help me to get my girth up closer to 5.75 by the first of the year... I know, that's a pretty lofty goal, but I figure it'll give me something to focus on and keep my dedication in line.

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