something moving when i get a hard on

Long Dong Silve

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Jun 8, 2003
when i've got a frigin hard on and i flex my dick by doing a kegel squeeze i feel something clicking inside my dick. as if a tendon or soemthing is sliding over something else.

example: make a fist with either of your hands and start to feel the top of your middle knuckle. see there's a tendon there. now move the tendon to one side. the tendon pops back into place from underneath your finger, right? when i flex my dick a similar thing is felt inside my dick. only it is obviousely not as thick a tendon/vein/whatever.

it's been there for about a week and a bit.

there's no pain but i think it's related to my other post, how do i make it go away?

Take care

PS. man im starting to get discouraged from Penis Enlargement guys. i mean, i don't want to cause any permanent damage. :confused: :mad:


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
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Jun 3, 2003
Maybe you have strained a tendon???? it moves right? ya feel it I mean.
It aint a lig or THANK-GOD a NERVE.
Just lay off exercise for 4 weeks IMHO to get it to heal.
I dont think you know your own strength....find out so you do not repeat this in future.

You have simply pulled to hard and strained, pulled a tendon from around the pubic will heal.
Dont worry this happens alot and it nuthing to panic about.
Just go easy next time and build up the power.
However I see no harm in you doing wet jelqs in the meantime..while NOT DOING ANY stretching at all.