Something for grip while stretching

you are talking about latex dishwashing gloves?
Hydromaxmm,im assuming thats what was meant.
i imagine as long as its latex though it would have that sticky characteristic on the skin.
If your having a hell of a lot of trouble w/ the grip, try moving on to Dld blasters. You only have to grip for 10 seconds at a pop, and u can do them sitting down :). THey are very effective in my opinoin.


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Guys, I was getting ready to start a post about this. Then I saw this thread, so I'll just add here. I use regular bandage wrap you can buy at Walmart or in any drugstore section for a couple bucks. This works MUCH better than stretching barehanded. A lot more pull and stretch . I dont think I could use gloves- possibly allergy issues as well as just finding them "icky." Just buy some bandage and wrap it around your unit where you need to grip and reuse as needed. I dont cut it off-just keep it on the roll and unroll what I need.
I agree with the latex glove thing. We have hundreds of boxes of these damn things where I work, so everyday I usually grab a couple of em. (The blue powdered nitrile kind.) They work wonders when trying to stretch out your schlonger.
I always use some toiletpaper...everybody has toiletpaper :p


Ya'll need to read my post on the "KingD OK Gripper". It will solve all your problems and get you those intense length sessions.


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Mr. Clean Gloves here, they give one hell of a grip.


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