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Dec 11, 2003
OK, I know that sounded really despereate, but its because I truly am. I just started hanging with my BIB starter and have this damn twisting problem. I've posted on the BIB thunder forum but no one could really seem to help besides tell me experiment w/ wrap and settings. When I say twisting, I dont mean my penis twisting w/ in the device, I mean the whole unit twisting 90 degrees one way or the other if I don't keep repeatedly holding/correcting it. This is very annoying. I currently have my 2 hex's about half way out. I'm wrapping mainly w/ just a 15x1.5 sweat shirt, sometimes a layer of therma over that, but usually just sweat shirt material. I am toed in just a bit. I am 6.5BEL, 5.25G hanging 2---2.5 lb plates tied w/ a shoe lace. It's like no matter what, my corpa cavernosa can't accept being straight, sometimes it violently goes 90 degrees, like I said, it varies left or right. I just don't get it.This is so frusturating I'm ready to chuck this thing through a window! Has anyone had this problem? Any advice at all would be so greatly appreciated!
Sep 25, 2003
Try not to get thrown by this. It is rare that I ever get a perfectly "straight" hang when working BTC or SD . There are so many variables - and this has nothing to do with what hanger you are using - but even if you could wrap and set your device in a perfectly consistent manner every set you might still end up "drifting" to one side.
Often this can indicate a limiting factor on one side - such as a stronger or shorter set of ligs that needs to be broken down before the other side can receive the full effect of your weight.
Personally, I have no problem with my unit hanging to one side or the other - Ideally I would be able to hang left one set and then right the next, repeating this switch-off in subsequent sets because theoretically it would help divide the task of stressing the ligs, hence speeding growth.

I never "correct" the direction of my hang by holding the device in place. I let the chips fall where they may, and to date have seen nothing odd come of it. In fact, the only thing I have seen is growth.



Jun 23, 2003
You dont need to hang straight, I hang twisted, over the arm of a chair to the left and the right. I've been doing it for 2 years now. Dont sweat it. Your unit wont have a twist in it.
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