Soft penis after Bathmate x30


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Nov 12, 2012
Hey guys,

I have experience with using Penomet and Bathmate for 3 years switching between.

After Penomet session, my cock is always rock hard and strong erection.

After Bathmate x30 , my dick is like a sponge everytime. Hard to get and maintain erection. Soft during the days. I dont know what is the problem?

I tried different methods but always the same story.
I combine with jelqing . Please guys any advice?



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Feb 13, 2012
What kind of sessions are you doing? Time, intensity? Also, which gaiter are you using on the Penomet ?

I haven't noticed issues with either pump when following 5x5x3 routine. The gaiter makes the difference though, with Penomet depending the gaiter you could be doing quite low workout and therefore be able to have a strong erection after a session. Also, size matters, what Bathmate model do you have?

If you're having better results with a certain tool, stick with it. From what I saw from other messages, you have the X40 ? It could be that there's too much negative space, just a guess.

But overall, if something works for you, use it. Any progress during the years, how have you been? :)

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