So, Jenny and I had Mexican last night...another funny size story...



So, we went to our fave Mexican restaurant last night and pigged out. I ate a "Burrito Loco" (Crazy Burrito)...quite fitting name...its a huge burrito that would give DLD size about 12x10 ;)

We come back home later and her mom, stepdad and a girlfriend come over. Jenny starts telling everyone about how good the dinner we had was...where we ate..and what a pig I made of myself (cleaned my plate)....and about the "huge..6 inch Burrito Loco (holding up her fingers at around 12" or so) I ate. I pulled out my ruler...yes, really in front of the 'crowd' and said to her "see, this is the problem women have with size...HERE is 6 inches and HERE is about where you had your fingers (pointing to approx. the 10 inch area on the ruler). It was pretty funny.


Jun 23, 2003
See Now Jenny you really have to get more acustom to 12" on a ruler, Still will be there any day now!!!
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