Slow, sensual, deep voice techniques.



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Jun 3, 2003

Basically there are three (3) excellent exercises to develop your resonance and pronounciation.

1. THE OOM DRILL for resonance

2. The BEE DRILL for pronounciation/clarity

3. The PBTKG DRILL for clarity and fluidity

All of the drills practiced faithfully and accurately will give your voice the desired results you're looking for.

Before we go to the exercises I'd like to discuss the voice.

Unless your role as an actor calls for you to be mute, your voice is one of your most valuable assets in show business, because you will use it regardless of the medium you're working in.

Your mouth is in reality a built in echo chamber, and when you develop resonance in your voice, your voice will stand out above everybody else's.
If your "echo chamber" is not exercised regulary you will lose your resonance, BUT don't dismay because with the exercises especially the OOM drill you can regain it again within a matter of minutes.

Here's the best way to clear your throat from soreness. I have no stake or interests in the company but I was told about this remedy after I had been in radio broadcasting for a couple of years by an announcer who had been in the business for years. Here's the product Parke and Davis THROAT DISCS.

REMEMBER all the sounds you make should be coming from your diaphram and your mouth is used merely to shape the sounds.

Stand so that you can get the full dynamics of this exercise.

Relax yourself completely. A good way to do this is to let your muscles relax and holding your arms at your sides shake your hands from side to side.

Take a deep breathe and then let the air out.

NOW take three (3) deep breaths and when you let the third one out use your vocal cords and with the sound coming from your diaphram, voice the sound of oooooooooo until all the air is expelled.

Do this three times in a row in a very relaxed state. DO NOT FORCE THE AIR OUT. Let it flow naturally.

THEN start again only this time near the end of the ooooooo sound add the sound of m so that the sound will come out like oooooooommmmm. ALSO roll your mouth around and close it when you're making the m part of the sound.

REMEMBER the sound comes from your diaphram.

After doing this exercise THEN speak whatever you want to say utilizing the same principles and you will discover a dynamic new voice.

Repeat this exercise three times.

Don't strain your voice here's a clock to keep track of the time. At the start do them for no more than five (5) minutes.

This is a relatively simple drill that will produce tremendous results.

It consist of saying ee, oo, ah, oh, ay only putting a different letter (NO VOWELS) in front of all the syllables when you say it. Here are two (2) examples...dee doo dah doh day AND ree roo rah roh ray.

There you have it now go to it.

This drill refers to each of the consonants P, B, T, G, K. When you say P your tongue is located just inside your mouth and the letter P is pronounced with the lips. The same thing with the letter B.

But when you utilize the letters T, K, G your tongue should be traveling farther back in your mouth.

Try it P B T K G and when you feel you can do it comfortably, do it a little faster and repeat it many times.

ALSO another combination of letters people mispronounce is the combinatin of th. This is done with the tongue slightly protruding from the mouth. Try saying thank you. NOW think and so on.




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