Skinhead tricked into doubting white supremacy


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Jun 3, 2003
"Skinhead tricked into doubting white supremacy"
Skinhead tricked into doubting white supremacy
Tacoma News Tribune |
"Kurtis Monschke testified that he was confused about white supremacy, that maybe he'd been misled. But Friday, when he walked into Pierce County Superior Court to be sentenced for killing Randall Townsend, the 20-year-old Tacoma man was clear in his commitment to the movement he calls 'racialism' or 'white pride.' Monschke's hair - which he'd grown out for his trial - was shaved off again... 'This whole situation makes me feel more strength in my belief system' ... Monschke said what confused him about his beliefs earlier in the trial was finding out that the investigator on his case was Jewish. He assumed that person would have been working against him, but the investigator was doing everything he could to help him." [How very cunning.]

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