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Oct 1, 2003
I had a few questions regarding to restoring your skin after pe :).
What do you have to do exactly to restore it back to normal?
I know that its been discussed before, but I haven't found a routine for it.

Wouldnt restoring your skin make you orgasm faster, which we know we want to last as long as we can :)?

Does anyone know how to get rid of the dark brown ring around the penis?
I believe I got it because of doing pe.
If anyone can give me any help I would greatly appreciate it.
Apr 18, 2004
If you are talking about foreskin restoration, what you have to do to restore it is trick your body into generating new skin. You are not stretching what skin you have but inducing a state of tissue expansion, similar to what doctors do when they need extra skin from a patient for skin grafts.

To induce tissue expansion, what you have to do is exert a low but constant stretching tension on the skin. You have to do this as many hours of the day as you possibly can. The easiest way to do this is by using a method call t-taping.

In T-taping, what you do is pull the skin of your penis as far up over the glans as you can, and then fix it in place with tape. Take two peices of tape and stick them in an up and down and sideways pattern across the end of the penis to the edges of the pulled-up skin. Be careful not to get any of the sticky part on your actual glans, as it will hurt when you pull it off. This will compress your penis, making it push forward against the skin you have pulled forward and taped.

There are many other methods of foreskin restoration. Just do a simple search on the internet to research and find something you feel comfortable with. Some methods work faster than others. I usually t-tape, or use a tlc tugger or light weights.

Restoring your foreskin does not make you orgasm faster. What I have found is that the increased sensitivity has given me more control over my orgasms. It is hard to describe to someone who has always been circumcised, but it is kind of like this. When you are circumcised, your penis is kind of like a light switch. It is either on or off. You either feel pleasure of nothing at all. With your glans restored to its original sensitivity, it is like a dimmer switch. You can experience a wider range of pleasure, many different subtle degrees, turn it up, turn it down, without losing your erection because you are trying so hard not to cum. You can literally cum whenever you want.

The dark brown ring is not from Penis Enlargement. It is the scar from your circumcision. You can use a brand of medical tape called Rejuveness to help lighten this ugly dark ring. I have noticed that as I restore, the ring is lightening up a little.

One thing that I do because I still want to grow some more is, whenever I remove my tape to urinate, I do a brief Penis Enlargement routine. I stretch and do some jelqs . This helps keep me from shrinking because of the constant compression of the penis, and it also helps the foreskin restoration by stretching out the new skin I am creating.

One of the benefits of FR is that it helps speed up length gains. My penis seems to be growing at about the same rate that my foreskin lengthens. It will take me longer to restore, but that is okay. When I am done, I will have a huge, restored penis with new, highly vascular skin and increased sensitivity.

You can visit the forum I set up for more FR information.


Kong That taping method is something i tried, and everytime you have to urinate, you have to re-apply new tape, which i found to be cumbersome.


May 26, 2004
there are 3 foreskin restoration devices I've used... T-Tape, Tug-Ahoy device and TLC cone device. I didn't like the T-Tapes because it would irritate my skin and leave small sores thus this did not last long (over 2 years ago now). The next thing I tried was Tug-Ahoy (also about 2 years ago) and it didn't leave any sores but it was hard to keep on thus it got lost somewhere and for 2 years I did nothing about foreskin restoration.... 5 days ago I bought a device from and its been working great for the last 3 days as it is much easier for me to keep on (and less expensive). It took me 2 days to get putting it on correct so my skin wouldn't get "pinched" and start aching after an hour but now all is well. btw the URL for Tug-Ahoy is in case you want to check that one out as well
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