Skin: Can you make it look young?


Jun 8, 2003
Basically I'm trying to sort myself out, and improve my health and lifestyle.
Bodybuilding, health, Penis Enlargement, and I just stopped smoking yesterday.

I know you can do so much to improve yourself.
But how much can you do to get great looking skin.

I don't look too bad, but I think smoking since I was 16 has made me have a bad skin texture.
I have a few lines, but they are mainly on the forehead. But my skin's texture isn't as smooth as I think it should.
I can tell that even on people who are older than me, their skin looks smoother. I'm 38.
I do look a fair bit younger than my age, but I hate my skin.
I just want to do what I can before I do start looking a lot older.

I drink about 4 or 5 pints of water a day, I take a multivitamin and mineral, vitamin C, 15mg of extra zinc, and I just bought some Alpha-lipoic acid which is supposed to be a very powerful anti-oxidant.

Just wondered if anybody can shed some light on this.

I'm wanting to do it with supplements and a healthy lifestyle if I can.
Does anybody know what measurements of supplements /herbs I should take. E.g. how many mg of Alpha-lipoic acid should I be taking for it to have any effect.

I'm also taking Glutamine which is also supposed to release elevated levels of HGH in your sleep if you take it just before bed.
And the amount of stuff on the web about the anti-aging qualities of HGH seems overwhelming.
I read in another thread that Supra's injections of IGF-1 has started to rejuvenate his skin.

It would be good if I could come up with some bullshit story to my doctor so I can get HGH injections on prescription,..but at the moment I just want to find out what can be done via supplementation and more natural methods.

We can do so much to our bodies to get them more muscular, bigger penis, healthier, etc......but it seems that getting skin looking young again appears to still be very elusive.

There was something in the news a few weeks ago about a new treatment that rejuvenates the underlying skin and produces fantastic results, but I missed it. Does anyone know about this treatment.

It would be good to get young looking skin, but right now I'll just settle for a good healthy texture.

Would my skin try to repair itself now that I've stopped smoking and I'm taking the steps I mentioned above, and how long would it take?
Or is it unrealistic to expect skin that's damaged due to smoking to improve?

Good, smooth, younger looking skin....
....What can be done?
There must be a way.


Jan 6, 2004
You should really ask that question to women since they are all hung-up on skin creams.

However, I must say that I do the same. I have a moisturizer that I use twice daily and a facial toner, cleanser and eye cream that I use at night.

Watch the sun (tanning is fine, just don't burn!) and keep your skin moisturized and you'll be good.


Dec 4, 2003
There are all kinds of supplements I would recommend depending on how much you want to spend. For healthy skin, eating a diet low in saturated fats and high in EFA's (I supplement them as I take Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil) will help out your skin a bunch.

Also, Pantothenic Acid helps a lot too and I know my skin looked very good when I was taking Royal Jelly which happens to have the highest concentration of Pantothenic Acid of any substance in nature.

Also, I find cold showers or cold baths help out a lot for a variety of reasons. For one, it simply shrinks the skin. I even put ice packs under my chin from time to time to tighten it up.

Then of course there are all your standard vitamins and minerals which help. I take Life Extension Megamix vitamins which are kinda expensive but well worth it in my opinion. You can buy them at

And if you are older DHEA will help the skin a bit as that hormone is a precursor to all kinds of other hormones in the body including testosterone and estrogen. I would say anyone around age 30 or older should supplement DHEA to some degree. It won't make you feel 20 again, but it should help a little, especially if your hormone levels have gone down a lot since your youth.


Jun 8, 2003
Thanks for the replies.

I'm doing the moisturiser now, once in morning, once at night. I regular give my face a rinse with cold water throughout the day, drink 4 to 5 pints of water .
I take a Multivitamin, work out, and keep fit, watch my diet.
Does this sound like it will be doing my skin some good?

By the way, moisturiser....what exactly does it do?
I mean, I know it is supposed to hydrate the skin and stop your skin drying out. But what does this mean in real terms?
Is it just cosmetic,....or does it do more profound things such as delaying the onset of wrinkles?
Can anyone fill me in on why moisturising is so good?
Does it have long term benefits as opposed to just a quick cosmetic effect?


Aug 16, 2003
N-Lite is a laser treatment for the skin! It stimulates the collagen in the skin.