Just finished a huge girth routine:

Horse440 (5 mins)
Ulis with bends (5 mins)
Horse440 (5 mins)
Ulis with bends (5 mins)
Ferarri Head Squeeze (5 mins)

and I measured afterwards 'cos it felt so darned thick! I managed at least an extra 1/4" on the tape :):)

What sort of pump do you guys get after a good girth workout?


Well, after 45 minutes to an hour of intense girth work...mostly two handed squeezes, and erect bends with some short jelqs mixed in there for variety....taking generic viagra 30 minutes beforehand...I get a very good "pump " as well. Anywhere from 1/2" to 3/4" over my non pumped girth. I posted a post workout pic ...measured with a tape last night in the pic forum. The biggest I've measured so far after a girth session...only a couple times so far, has been 6.75" e.g. I hang onto most of the pump for up to and sometimes longer than 12 hours afterward as well. Cant wait until more of it starts hanging around!


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I guess the goal would be to keep on "parlaying" those post workout pumps until they become your normal girth measurements, right? That's what I'm trying to do. Base of my cock is itching like fuckin' crazy....


If by "parlaying" you mean to build on or use to your advantage? Yes, thats the idea....keep trying to get more pumped than the last session. Thats why I like to take a measurement after I am done with my girth sessions...and make a mental note. It's like a little game I play with myself...see if I can get just a little more pumped every session. Makes it fun and ...in a way competitive.


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I can relate guys! After a solid Girth Buster Routine I can not even come close to getting my hands around my guy. I never measured the base post-workout but I would bet it would be close to 8". Mid shaft I measure over 7". After all swells down I still clock in the high sixes with a level 1 erection.
Yep.....I've been Penis Enlargementing for about 5 weeks now and I've noticed the same pump effect....its funny because I took about a week off and the first time I resumed my Penis Enlargement regime which is phase 1 with regular jelqs my girth was super pumped up from a regular 5" all the way to 6"...I was shocked and for the first time in my life couldn't get my hand all the way around my homeboy :)

I don't know how you bigger guys can get around with those things but now that I know I can be 6" pumped I'm sure that I will eventually get there with a regular erection so to me that pumped effect is very motivating.....
Hydromaxm, i never get these pumps :(
always when i jelq i can feel it in my shaft and especially in my head when im moving my hand upp, my head becomes rock hard, but i dont think i ever noticed 1" to the girth after a workout :/
My extra 1/4" suddenly seems small. Three quarters!?!? :)

Well, my penis was beaten after that 25 minutes, so I didn't want to do anymore. Maybe after a year or so I'll be able to do 60 minute workouts :)
Prior to using the cable clamp I rarely experienced much of a post-girth pump ...however since adding the cable clamp to my routine I'm now consistenly seeing anywhere from .40-.70 increase on my normal girth....After a good workout my base girth is just over 6.25" and midshaft is around 5.85". I'm officially in love with cable clamps.
I usually measure around 5.5'' after an intense girth workout followed by a constriction session with a lace. That totals to a nice .4 to .5 increase, midshaft measurement. Sometimes even a bit more.

My girth workouts consist of 30 minutes of jelqing at varying erection levels and speeds (mostly fully erect, though), 5 minutes of Ferrari Megapumps, 5 minutes of Ulis and 5 mins of Horse440s. After I'm done I do a quick warmdown and proceed on to the constricting (usually 10-15 minutes), finishing up with a proper hand shower massage to restore circulation.


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i gotta hang out more often to know what you guys are talking about. I'll get there eventually.


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After all swells down I still clock in the high sixes with a level 1 erection.

DLD, how do you define different levels of erection?

As for the OP, I haven't had the good sense to measure myself after a workout (been at it since late last week), but the first time I looked at myself in a mirror afterward, my jaw dropped a little. To me, it was very noticeable.
I am over the 7 inch mark in girth after my session tonight and hardly any swelling! Sweet! I love Penis Enlargement!
I am over the 7 inch mark in girth after my session tonight and hardly any swelling! Sweet! I love Penis Enlargement!


I'm close to 8" girth after an intense 20 minutes girth workout with my Power Jelq device.

I hope I some day will have a steady 7,5" girth mid shaft.
This is my ultimate goal for girth.
Not too big, but still plenty BIG ;)

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